Duet for Santur and Tonbak by Siamak Aghaei and Kamran Montazeri

Duet for Santur and Tonbak by Siamak Aghaei and Kamran Montazeri

On Friday 12 August, 2016, at 9:30 PM the duet for Santur and Tonbak was performed by Siamak Aghaei and Kamran Montazeri on the stage of Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran. This concert was named as “Baz Eshgh” meaning “Love again”. Much of the importance of this concert lays in the successful performance following the incident that happened to Siamak Aghaei’s right hand less than a year ago in which 3 nerves and a tendon were badly injured. Doctors had assumed that he cannot be able to play Santur at least for 2 years. at the beginning of this concert, Siamak Aghaei thanked Dr. Javiani who had done the successful surgery on his hand so that he could hold this concert after only 10 months. Siamak is one of the most improtant Santur players of Iran who was the best student of Parviz Meshkatian.

The concert opened with “Pishvaz” in Shur (an Iranian mode). “I suggest the name Pishvaz for the pieces that are played before Pishdaramad or overtures of Iranian classical music” Siamak has explained in the brochures of this concert. (Pishvaz in Persian means to welcome and is also a mix of the two words: Pish-daramad and Avaz which are both the important parts of Iranian classical music -Radif Dastgahi-).

Siamak played also pieces in Rahabi, Owj, Shahnaz, Gharache, Razavi and and continued in Abou-Ata and Hejaz. In this concert, he had composed amazing pieces based on Iranian classical Radif and presented great improvisation based on Radif and folklore music of Iran.

Reported by Farzaneh Mohammadian.


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  1. This must have been a wonderful concert – my best wishes to Siamak Aghaei on a healthy recovery. And thank you, Farzaneh, for reporting on such events – I look forward to checking in at this ethnomusicology site often!

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