Hip-hop Tehran: Migrating Styles, Musical Meanings, Marginalised Voices

Nooshin, L. (2011). Hip-hop Tehran: Migrating Styles, Musical Meanings, Marginalised Voices. In:
J. Toynbee & B. Dueck (Eds.), Migrating Music. (pp. 92-111). Routledge. ISBN 0415594480

by Laudan Nooshin

A great deal of ethnomusicological writing in recent years has explored the impact of
global processes on the creation and consumption of music in specific locales. Whether
expressed in terms of cultural ‘deterriorialisation’, the emergence of transnational
networks and flows, or migrancy (both physical and virtual), it is clear that previously
accepted ideas about the intimate connection between music and place – in the sense of
specific kinds of music ‘belonging’ to particular places and peoples – have become
disrupted. Musical migrations throughout most of human history have depended on the
physical movement of people; however, the rise of mediated technologies since the late
nineteenth century made it increasingly possible for musical genres and styles to
‘migrate’ independently, without any necessary connection to a people, their culture or to
the music’s ‘original’ meanings…

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